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(Video Testimonials are below)


This is absolutely the best workshop of this industry. Stop wasting your money on all other workshops. If you live in the GA area, it is advised that you reach out to find when the next class is scheduled. If you are not in GA, it is worth the trip- it is your investment! You will learn the role of a PA AND the role of the AD. None of the workshops go into great detail as Mrs. Alicia Daniels Assistant Directors Team Workshop. Other workshops can not hold a candle to this. In the past, I attended a PA Camp in Los Angeles and truly believed I had knowledge. I did but on a much lower scale. If you would like an elevated level of knowledge attend this workshop. The information provided is rare. This is the 1st time I have witnessed someone of her caliber to take the time and share the complete breakdown of the work involved. Please take advantage of the opportunity. There will be no regrets!!! - Selisa S.


As someone new to the Atlanta area as well as the film industry, taking this class was one of the best decisions I could have made. Going in I was definitely a skeptic after hearing many discouraging testimonials of similar workshops from friends and colleagues. However, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience! Alicia brings years of experience combined with a captivating teaching style to the classroom. She goes beyond the basic workshop by teaching you how to understand and create paperwork seen during filming so you’ll have the competitive edge while on set. This course doesn’t just set you up to succeed right now, it prepares to soar into your future.  - Anna L. 


Learned more in two days, than first three years at Georgia State University. - Ricky M.


Great learning experience. Excellent primer for anyone interested in the real world entertainment production profession. Was taught practical information/examples required by any AD or anyone interested in working behind the scenes. Starting with this as a base you will be ahead of the crowd entering the profession. - Angelos P.


What a terrific workshop and gifted teacher! Proud to be a member of the first class, would definitely recommend it to future participants. An enormous value for the price. LOTS of important information! - Brandy A.


The Assistant Directors Team Workshop exceeded my expectations! As a screenwriter, I didn't expect the workshop to inform me about scripts but, wow, after learning about how production schedules start with scripts and then are meticulously and financially organized, it really changed my perspective and informed the way I write. Knowledgeable and thorough, Alicia led the training which featured other professionals in the field: ADs and a UPM! I walked away INSPIRED and with a handful of valuable resources!- Brittany F. 


The AD Team Workshop surpassed expectation! It was immersion into the culture of set production: jargon, practical experienced insight from leaders in the industry, hands-on with actual production documents delivered in a very approachable, fun manner. 

If you want to be ahead of the production curve, this class is for you!!  - Yvette C.


The AD Team workshop was great! Mrs. Daniels took the time to teach us what an effective AD and PA does and other essentials for the job. I obtained so much insight into assistant directing and production assisting over the two day workshop. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in gaining more knowledge about assistant directing and production assisting! I am very happy I made this investment in you and myself, because I know it will pay off! - Arielle H.




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