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Hear What Students Say About ADTW!

"This is absolutely the best workshop in this industry. Stop wasting your money on all other workshops. If you live in the GA area, it is advised that you reach out to find out when the next class is scheduled. If you are not in GA, it is worth the trip- it is your investment! You will learn the role of a PA AND the role of the AD. None of the workshops go into great detail as Mrs. Alicia Daniels's Assistant Directors Team Workshop. Other workshops can not hold a candle to this. In the past, I attended a PA Camp in Los Angeles and truly believed I had knowledge. I did but on a much lower scale. If you would like an elevated level of knowledge attend this workshop. The information provided is rare. This is the 1st time I have witnessed someone of her caliber take the time and share the complete breakdown of the work involved. Please take advantage of the opportunity. There will be no regrets!!!"

- Selisa S.

Selisa S. Testimonial
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