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Get Ready to Embark on Your Film Industry Journey

In-person classes are back! Next class to be announced!

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Our Mission

Assistant Directors Team Workshop is dedicated to providing an elite set of workshops that delivers comprehensive training and expert guidance to individuals looking to navigate the film industry. We aim to uplift, encourage, and inspire our future.

About Us

Lights, Camera, Learn!

Welcome to the Assistant Directors Team Workshop, your gateway to mastering the film industry's dynamic landscape. Founded in 2015 by Alicia Hailey Daniels, a seasoned member of the Directors Guild of America, our workshop is more than just a training ground. Under Alicia's expert guidance, we delve deep into the roles within an Assistant Director's team, offering far more than standard Production Assistant skills.


Located in Atlanta, GA, our bi-monthly, two-day workshops are a crucible of learning. We're dedicated to imparting the essence of teamwork and the vital role of each member in a successful TV or film production.


Eager to learn more? Visit our registration page for upcoming workshop details and join us in turning teamwork into dream work. For a deeper dive into our story, check out our About Us page.

Our Workshops



 What People Say!  


Abdi M, Filmmaker

"Alicia is a consummate professional with a wealth of knowledge. I got to participate in her PA training workshop and got such a great deep dive into what it means to work on a film/television set. I highly recommend her courses."


David M, Key Set PA

"Alicia’s workshop is filled with industry insight that can only be backed up by years of experience. Taking this class will familiarize you with on-set decorum, walkie etiquette, and essential AD department paperwork that will help you shine and set you apart from the pack. Highly recommended!"


Joel R, 1st AD

Had a great time at the AD Team Workshop. Alicia is full of knowledge, intelligent, funny and easy to talk with. I would recommend it to anybody who's interested in learning the basics of the and AD Team and beyond. The workshop is a great tool to have.

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