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Our workshop attendees can expect to learn the following and more at  The Two-Day Intensive Assistant Directors Team Workshop:

  •   The duties of the AD Team & where does the set PA fit in?


  •   What to expect the first day on set? 


  •  Three phases of production (pre-production, production, post production).


  •   Understanding all other departments (titles and job duties).


  •  Learn about the unions available in the TV/Film Industry & what it takes to join.


  •  Learn about Meal Penalty Violations (MPV), Non-Deductible Breakfast (NDB), Force Calls (FC), and Turnaround Infringements.


  •  PA essential gear & supplies.


  •  Set Etiquette  (Do’s & Don’ts).


  • Learn set terminology (common words / phrases often heard on set).


  • Proper radio communication and radio protocol. 


  • Understanding all production paperwork (Scripts, Oneliners, Shooting Schedules, Cast Day Out Of Days, Script Notes. etc).


  • Create Call Sheets, Production Reports, SAG Exhibit G’s, and Extras Breakdowns.


  • I-9 completion (cast & crew start work), and time card completion.


  • Breakdown of the various job duties of a set PA for the AD Team.


  • Distribution. Learn how the AD Department works with the Production Office.


  • Lock ups on set, daily & nightly duties (average day of a PA).


  • Resume building, and interview tips.


  • Job resources, tips on how to land the job.



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