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 our Workshop is officially endorsed            by Ozzie Areu & Will Areu!! 

As President & Sr. Vice President of Tyler Perry Studios, we interface with numerous amounts of cast and crew on a daily basis. With that said, Alicia stood out to us from day one during her interview in 2011. At that moment we believed in her passion, dedication, determination to succeed, and overall knowledge of the job. We could not have made a better decision and we thoroughly enjoy working with her. We fully support Alicia and her new venture with The Assistant Directors Team Workshop. This workshop is timely and very much needed as TV/Film Productions continue to increase here in Georgia.  We hope that current and future Production Assistants take advantage of the opportunity to learn the essentials necessary to become an effective member of the Assistant Directors Team from an extraordinary instructor. 

This letter is to serve as a full endorsement without reservation of Alicia Hailey Daniels & The Assistant Directors Team Workshop. 


Furthermore, it has been an absolute pleasure working with Alicia on a multitude of projects since 2011. Her humble spirit, kind demeanor, and inviting personality have made for an amazing working environment for all the cast & crew.  Alicia has proven to possess a great work ethic leading her team under pressure in a fast paced environment with a positive attitude.  Her willingness to help others succeed is evident. We know she will provide an awesome and informative workshop.


Best Regards,


Ozzie Areu


Tyler Perry Studios


Will Areu

Sr. Vice President

Tyler Perry Studios


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